Progress Physical Therapy


Living with chronic pain and physical limitations can have a negative impact on so many areas of a person’s life. Fortunately, many people have found life changing relief from pain and increased function at Progress Physical Therapy. If you're suffering, we hope that these stories and observations will inspire you and give you hope for a brighter future for yourself.

I am still running today.

I suffered an Achilles tendon injury in 2001. I tried seeing a doctor about my injury but learned that doctors primarily operate and medicate. The doctor prescribed Celebrex, which I didn’t really like, and provided a referral for physical therapy. Alas, I was referred to a large PT practice where one physical therapist saw multiple […]

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Forever thankful.

I was a professional ballet dancer for 18 years. As I got promoted to principal in the dance company, I understood that it was extremely important to take care of my body more than ever. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Lori, who started working with me soon after I had a surgery […]

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These approaches work.

I initially sought out treatment with Lori in an effort to give myself a strong, straight, and flexible spine. I was fighting extremely poor posture brought on by decades of working on a screen and neglecting my posture. I had been attempting to accomplish this goal on my own with massage therapy, acupuncture treatments, yoga, […]

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