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I’ve never seen Lori give anything but 100%

I tell everyone that I know that Lori von Alten is the best physical therapist in the country. I have been seeing Lori for 20 years and I truly believe there is none better.

I am in my 70s and Lori has treated me for numerous aches and pains in my quest to always remain active. If not for Lori there would be no way that I could continue to do the exercises that I am able to do. Because of aging, a couple of car accidents, and years of athletics and the injuries that can come with that, I am in some pain and not always trusting in what I can physically do. Working with Lori has given me confidence that I can do more than I think I can without injuring myself further. It hasn’t been easy to relearn a lot of things I always took for granted, such as walking properly, but Lori has exhaustively worked with me through hands-on therapy and strengthening exercises. I give her a huge amount of credit for the fact that I’m still able to walk three miles a day and do some other things that are important to me. She is patient, kind, and encouraging, yet she can be tough when she has to be. I have never seen Lori give anything but 100 percent of herself and in talking with some of her other clients, they say the same thing.

What also sets Lori apart is when someone sees her they will get one hour of uninterrupted treatment. There are no other people buzzing around her clinic, no noise, no distractions. it’s just you and Lori and a lot of positive things can be accomplished. She has changed my life, encouraging me to keep moving and showing me how I can do that. I am very grateful to her and I have no qualms in saying that she is the absolute best.

Tom S, Raleigh

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