Progress Physical Therapy

These approaches work.

I initially sought out treatment with Lori in an effort to give myself a strong, straight, and flexible spine. I was fighting extremely poor posture brought on by decades of working on a screen and neglecting my posture. I had been attempting to accomplish this goal on my own with massage therapy, acupuncture treatments, yoga, and trying to be aware of my posture and improve it though sheer force of will. I was already sold on the potential benefits of physical therapy after my surgeon told me that he thought the spinal fusion I had a few years ago might have been avoidable if I had used physical therapy earlier. But Lori has exceeded all expectations of what a physical therapist could help me accomplish. My quality of life has improved dramatically since I started working with Lori. My spine is visibly straighter and my function has shown a marked improvement. Her work has consistently brought me continual progress, step by step. I feel better, both physically and emotionally. She gives me confidence. I believe that without her work, at this point I would be in general pain, shorter, grumpier, and assailed by a variety of ailments which have been avoided. I find Lori to be a fantastic listener, explaining to me where my body “is” on that day, then giving suggestions as to how to move things along, in addition to doing specific releases with her hands-on work.  She works on an intuitive level as well as with body mechanics. She is compassionate. I love the way she explains what is going on along with what needs to change.  Being a visual learner, it is particularly helpful to me when she demonstrates where I am versus where I want to be. I have continued to seek out massage therapy and acupuncture, and I do yoga on my own. I believe that these approaches and the physical therapy work that Lori does all complement each other well. If I had to choose one word to represent the results of our work together, it would be Vitality!

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