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The cost of a visit with Lori is worth every penny.

When I first came to see Lori, I was having pain in my right knee, hip, calf and ankle. I had been in significant pain for many, many years. I had seen multiple orthopedic doctors (one for my knee, one for my hip, and one for my ankle) and multiple physical therapists, but I only ended up with more pain and no relief. I knew of Lori, but I was hesitant to see her because our insurance does not cover any out of network providers. But I finally got so fed up with the pain, the sleepless nights, and the limits the pain in my right hip and leg forced upon my life that I booked an appointment. I walked into Lori’s treatment room, told her my story, and said “So, what is the source of my pain?” I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that my right hip and my right knee and my right calf and my right ankle were all bothering me, I just couldn’t figure out on my own what issue to focus on to find relief. After a thorough evaluation Lori determined that the arthritis and inflammation in my right knee was the driving cause of all of my pain and dysfunction. Unfortunately, I did not find Lori in time to be able to avoid joint replacement surgery, but I am happy to report that less than six months after my initial visit with Lori, I am walking without a limp and I no longer have pain in my right knee—or hip or calf or ankle. I am sleeping better than I have in years and I am able to do all of the things that I want to do. I quickly came to realize that the cost of a visit with Lori, which is comparable to what I would pay for a massage, is worth every penny. For the price of the co-pay on a single surgery I can enjoy seeing Lori twice a month for two years. I am currently seeing Lori to undo some long-term dysfunction and pain in my shoulder. It makes me feel good to know that I am taking care of an annoying situation before it becomes severe enough to require another surgery. I am extremely happy to have found such a trusted partner in my journey to remain active and vital for the rest of my life.

Janice R, Raleigh NC

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