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Lori is the BEST we have ever worked with and we will not go anywhere else.

Lori was recommended to us by my daughter’s dance teacher several years ago when she was having trouble with her shins. Since then, Lori has diagnosed and treated many of my daughter’s issues. She has helped to relieve her pain through hands-on treatment and by teaching her exercises to do at home. Even more importantly, she has helped her to learn how to properly use her body to prevent further injury. One thing we love about Lori is that she doesn’t overload you with a bunch of time consuming exercises. She will assess the situation and give a doable amount of physical therapy to address the issue. That is so helpful as life is busy and kids have homework and other things they need to do in a day. If you have an hour of physical therapy exercises to do everyday, no one is going to want to do them.

I have seen her myself for back and leg issues. I go to her first, instead of the orthopedist, and she ALWAYS knows what is wrong or causing the pain.

We have tried traditional physical therapy places where they see multiple patients at the same time. I found time and time again that I was the one watching over my child, correcting her form, and making sure she did the exercises correctly. We love that Lori works one-on-one with you. Your time with her is your time, and she isn’t running back and forth treating others. Repeat visits for us are rarely needed. Actually, most of the time we only go to determine what is causing our pain, get treatment and the exercises needed, and then we are good. Basically we call her when we need her and see her once.

Through working with Lori, my daughter has become better at knowing how to properly train and use her body, which has given her less pain and injuries. Knowing how to alleviate the pain once it starts, and helping to stop things before they worsen, helps tremendously. In my daughter’s own words “she helped me be me again!”

Lori is the BEST we have ever worked with and we will not go anywhere else. We commute from Wake Forest! She has never been wrong about whatever it is we are dealing with and we just love her!

SN, Wake Forest NC

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