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Lori’s approach is to treat the cause of the pain or issue, not the symptoms.

I initially came to Lori because I was having pain in my left shoulder and arm. I would get a pins and needles feeling at times. It felt like some type of nerve related pain. I had been a college athlete (swimmer) and had surgery on my torn left labrum near the end of my career. I was able to finish my swimming career on a high note with the repaired shoulder, however post swimming I continued to have lack of mobility and flexibility with my left shoulder. In an effort to resolve my shoulder pain I had consulted my Primary Care Physician and an Orthopedic Specialist, but even after subjecting me to a battery of tests they could find nothing wrong, so therefore they couldn’t fix my pain. I was able to get temporary relief from massage therapy and chiropractic care, but I didn’t feel that I was improving. It was more like I was in a repetitive cycle of getting relief and then being in pain again as it would relapse.

When I started treatment with Lori, I finally found some relief from the pain and lack of mobility. Lori takes an extensive evaluation. She seeks to identify the root cause, which may not be where the pain is. Her understanding of the body’s anatomy and how the different parts of the body are dependent on one another is very impressive and a key element of what makes her different. By looking at the problem from several different angles and having the wealth of experience and knowledge she has, we were able to chip away at my issues. I had poor posture, muscle imbalances and atrophy, and overall weakness in some areas. All of these issues, combined with a desk job that required me to spend my days sitting in front of a computer, caused my shoulder muscles to tighten and press on the nerves in my shoulder, which was causing my pain. I was surprised when Lori started with my feet— improving how I was standing and walking positively impacted how I carried my shoulders. Since then we have been trying to improve the strength and balance of my muscles so that I don’t over-engage certain muscles that cause pain when they are overworked because they are trying to do the job of the weak/atrophic muscles. Lori’s approach is to treat the cause of the pain or issue, not the symptoms. I have made steady and incremental progress since seeing Lori. I am more active now as my left shoulder no longer experiences the pins and needles pain and I have regained greater flexibility and mobility. I have also seen my overall posture improve. Because of Lori’s treatment and guidance, I am in less pain and continuing to work on strengthening those weak muscles.

Harry, Cary NC

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