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Lori is in a league of her own.

I have been dealing with knee pain and frequent dislocations of my patella since I was in elementary school. I have seen several physical therapists over the years, and none were able to provide much relief. Lori is in a league of her own. She takes your entire body into account when examining you in order to determine the root of your problems, something I have never experienced with other physical therapists. She is incredibly insightful, works with you in a way that helps you understand complex connections throughout your body, and always provides you her undivided attention. Lori has seen me through two concussions, three knee surgeries, and a hernia surgery and has always been able to help me bounce back. Her ability to see the big picture of your health and help you understand what needs to be fixed and how to fix it sets her apart from other physical therapists and medical professionals. With Lori’s help, I have been able to find great relief from my knee pain and learn the tools and exercises that keep me pain free going forward. Lori is truly unmatched in her abilities and professionalism and I cannot recommend her enough.

FMR, Raleigh NC

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