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I cannot recommend Lori more!!

I have been working with Lori for over 5 years now, since the 2016 Olympic Year, and she has been such a huge part of why I have been able to be successful on the world stage as a track athlete. Through multiple different injuries over the years including a foot surgery in 2020, Lori has so much attention to detail, experience, and creativity when she is treating me or developing a rehab plan. Lori is unique in that she truly assesses the whole body during sessions in order to treat the pain-point better… because after all the body is complicated and oftentimes where we have pain isn’t the true source of that pain. I trust her fully and her friendly personality makes it a pleasure to work with her. I have recommended countless other track athletes and non-athlete friends to Lori whenever they have issues and they all have glowing reviews after seeing her. I cannot recommend Lori more!!

Maddy Price OLY, Team Canada 2021

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