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At Progress Physical Therapy, we not only want to keep athletes in the competition, we want to help them achieve their peak performance and reach their goals.

Featured Programs

We treat athletes at every level, from student to enthusiast to amateur to professional. So whether it’s your dance, your race or your game, we can help you be better, higher, faster, sharper, stronger. Tennis Through an in-depth physical evaluation of your strength, flexibility, stroke mechanics and movement analysis, we will identify your body’s weaknesses and potential sites for injury. Based on this analysis we will prescribe the specific exercises, stretches and drills that will help you reach your maximum potential. Swing Fit Golf Program Golfers are constantly looking for ways to improve their golf game—thousands of dollars are spent every year on new equipment, lessons and training aids. The Swing Fit Program is designed to improve the most important piece of equipment any golfer has….their body! Swing Fit is a functional golf fitness program designed to help prevent injury and improve golf performance. This golf program will improve swing accuracy and consistency by enhancing postural balance and coordination, increase club head speed by improving muscle strength and power, increase club swing range by improving joint flexibility, and enhance motor control and motor performance (leading to improved coordinated weight shifts and movement patterns). All of these factors lead to improved driving distance. Our staff is familiar with proper golf mechanics, swing mechanics and common swing faults that lead to injury and can facilitate the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of golf-related injuries. Components of our golf fitness program include flexibility, retraining motor control and movement patterns, balance and stability, strength and power, and cardiovascular endurance. The program is tailored to your specific needs, and you will receive a printed, personalized exercise program. Please call us for more details. Ballet – Dance For more than 10 years, Progress was the official physical therapy Provider for The Carolina Ballet. Our therapists have also worked with performers of modern dance, Scottish Highland dancing and classical Irish dancing. With an appreciation of the specific and unique physical demands that dancers put on their bodies as well as an understanding of proper biomechanics and movement patterns, we can help keep you on your toes and doing what you love to do. Running Hoping to run Boston or just around the block? If you’re having pain, either may seem impossible. There are many reasons why running can be painful from plantar fasciitis, to knee or hip pain, and all the way up to low back troubles. We can help you determine why you’re having pain and put you on the path to pain-free running again. With detailed analysis of your walking and running gait, as well as identifying sites of weakness or inflexibility, we can develop a program that will improve your efficiency and help reduce stress and strain on the body. We can also prescribe the proper running shoe for your foot type and gait pattern. Finally, we will assess your need for any type of shoe inserts or custom orthotics. Sports Enhancement Baseball, hockey, soccer, you name it…Progress can help you do it better. Whether it’s as simple as instructing you in a throwing or stretching program or as complex as developing a year-long training program, we want to help you achieve your peak performance and reach your goals. We’ll perform a thorough physical and biomechanical screen and set you up with an individualized program that will help get the most out of your body.