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For the first time in YEARS I can feel like I walk correctly.

My husband and I have been going to Lori for PT for many years at the recommendation of a friend. Shortly after I started working with Lori, I learned that a dozen or more of my friends, their children, and many athletes and dancers we knew also trust Lori for their physical therapy needs. I first visited for a chronic neck issue. Because Lori asks thoughtful questions and listens, she was able to diagnose the source of the pain and also tie it to tension I carry in my feet. The neck pain, that was a part of my daily life for 20 years, has been gone ever since.

What is different about Lori is her individual attention to you. You are the only client she has during your visit. Her diagnostic skills are phenomenal, her hands-on body work is unique to your needs that day. And the whole time she is working on you, she is relaying information about what she feels and sees going on in your body. At every visit Lori teaches me more about my body; how the muscles, ligaments, and bones work together; and how to make changes in the way I carry myself and care for myself that make a huge difference long term.

Overtime she has provided physical therapy for a frozen shoulder (which she frequently sees with clients who have had breast cancer radiation), post-surgery hip replacement rehabilitation, and achilles tightness. Early on, she diagnosed an upper body rotation and pelvic tilt. Lori was diligent about discovering that residual scar tissue and muscle tension in my right upper chest was pulling on my left lower back. That, together with a “hitch” in my gait, was causing pain and stiffness in my lower back. I followed her instructions and did the exercises she prescribed for homework— and for the first time in YEARS I can feel like I walk correctly. The pain is gone, even when I play golf. And if the stiffness flares up I know what to do…both at home and while on the golf course.

I feel so fortunate that Lori is a part of my health care team. I learn from her at each visit and, maybe most importantly, I trust her and really like her!

Dena Silver, Knightdale NC

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