Our Services
At Progress, our personalized approach to recovery is different, and you’ll feel it immediately. What sets us apart from the others?

You have an hour of our full attention.
Each session is one full hour of one-on-one treatment by a licensed physical therapist experienced in eliminating pain by uncovering and treating its root cause. Only with a full hour can the therapist adequately assess and treat the pain issue.

You receive expert care.
Treatment is provided by an experienced licensed therapist, never by a therapy aide. Our seasoned therapists, all with extensive additional coursework in evaluative and manual techniques, are uniquely suited to observe and correct movement, educate and offer guidance in specific ways that break dysfunctional patterns, thereby reducing stress and strain and improving efficiency.

Your appointment time is well spent.
Many of our clients experience recovery under our care when other treatment programs have been unsuccessful. We take a unique approach in providing services so that clients receive the maximum benefit for the time they spend in our clinic.

During the session, the problem is evaluated and addressed in a therapy plan that includes stretching, strengthening, soft tissue work, joint mobilization and movement re-education—each component weighted to optimize recovery.

Hands-on treatment will be the focus of the hour-long session. Targeted stretches, strengthening exercises, and heat or ice therapies are prescribed for clients to do outside of their appointment time.